Packing and getting ready

Well, I believe I am all packed and ready to go to the crafting retreat.  The retreat will be in Lake Geneva, WI, and I am very much looking forward to it.  I will be catching up on my “behindness” and hopefully working on a couple more little crafts.  However, I am not completely sure what to expect as this is the first crafting retreat I have ever been to.

However, I do think it is the best way to celebrate National Craft Month.

So, cheers to crafting!

Crafting retreat.

This weekend, I will be attending a crafting retreat. My first time doing so, too. 😀 

So I have been planning my crafts. I believe I did a good job at that.

I will be working on

  • January craft – messenger bag
  • Cactus pincushions
  • Wristcuff bag and bracelet (if time allows)
  • A hair accessory for the opera
  • An upcycled jeans bag (if time allows)

I will be taking pictures and documenting my progress over the weekend.  Don’t know if I will have internet access, and will be focusing on the crafting itself, so my posts may not be immediately available… But can’t wait to post!

Recap of 2017 so far…

I have been swamped and I haven’t been able to craft or plan crafts lately, as much as I would like to.  I have been busy with the website building (which is a good thing, blogging, sadly, does not pay my bills) and this thing I recently developed called a social life.  Who knew that could get in the way?  (I might consider hiding in my shell again until I find some balance!)

It’s March, and I am still working on the January craft.  And my goals weren’t as lofty as I would have liked them to be…  My dining room table is a hodgepodge of different ideas (and a mess, too).  At least there’s still space for 2 people to eat… Because I have also been busy with cooking.

February 2017 craft update

So I will NOT be doing jewelry for the opera, because I already have jewelry that goes nice and well with the dress I found for the opera.  I could still be doing fancy costume jewelry, but I got into a fierce pinterest rabbithole…

These pinterest rabbitholes are interesting.  They are awesome in making you waste your time, or are they?  They can be great inspiration for pinstrosities or great shareable art.

My rabbithole took me from simple sewing projects like totes or baskets to upcycling/recycling thrift store finds to resizing dresses and shirts to how to make your own wool coat.  Now, I know my limitations, so there won’t be any attempts at creating my own wool coat any time soon, but I did come across a post about wrist/cuff wallets that double as cute bracelets, so my February 2017 craft got pretty much decided for me.  I just have to find the pin again and see what exactly it is called.

Now, if I can only stop pinning and start crafting!

February craft 2017

The craft for February hasn’t totally been decided yet.    Tomorrow I will go shopping for what to wear to the Opera, since I will be attending Carmen on March 22nd.  Which means, I will probably need jewelry to go with it.  Which means I will probably make it myself, because I am like that.

I already have a pair of real pearl earrings, so I was thinking I might pair that with more pearls, but we shall see.  I don’t know what I will wear yet!


Already falling behind.

I decided that I am going to create one thing a month, to have a whopping total of 12 special things I created by the end of the year.  I, of course, decided this in February, but I am going to play catch-up.  I have 10.5 months to do so! Piece of cake!  (I am talking sweetly in case I do have to eat my words.)

I have January’s craft already lined up.  In fact, I just need to cut it, pin it, sew it, etc…  It’s going to be a challenge, but since I already know what I want to do, I am going to post about it in its own post.