Packing and getting ready

Well, I believe I am all packed and ready to go to the crafting retreat.  The retreat will be in Lake Geneva, WI, and I am very much looking forward to it.  I will be catching up on my “behindness” and hopefully working on a couple more little crafts.  However, I am not completely sure what to expect as this is the first crafting retreat I have ever been to.

However, I do think it is the best way to celebrate National Craft Month.

So, cheers to crafting!

Crafting retreat.

This weekend, I will be attending a crafting retreat. My first time doing so, too. 😀 

So I have been planning my crafts. I believe I did a good job at that.

I will be working on

  • January craft – messenger bag
  • Cactus pincushions
  • Wristcuff bag and bracelet (if time allows)
  • A hair accessory for the opera
  • An upcycled jeans bag (if time allows)

I will be taking pictures and documenting my progress over the weekend.  Don’t know if I will have internet access, and will be focusing on the crafting itself, so my posts may not be immediately available… But can’t wait to post!

Recap of 2017 so far…

I have been swamped and I haven’t been able to craft or plan crafts lately, as much as I would like to.  I have been busy with the website building (which is a good thing, blogging, sadly, does not pay my bills) and this thing I recently developed called a social life.  Who knew that could get in the way?  (I might consider hiding in my shell again until I find some balance!)

It’s March, and I am still working on the January craft.  And my goals weren’t as lofty as I would have liked them to be…  My dining room table is a hodgepodge of different ideas (and a mess, too).  At least there’s still space for 2 people to eat… Because I have also been busy with cooking.